"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."   -Albert Einstein

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude."   
-Maya Angelou


"I'm not good with numbers."
Translation: "I don't feel like dealing with it."

Look, I don't know you that well (yet), but I am going to take a wild guess here. You probably aren't so bad at figuring out how much to tip your waiter and how to split a bill among your friends at a restaurant. In this case, sorry to disappoint, but you are definitely good enough with numbers to skillfully manage your business.

This is not what you really mean when you say, "I'm not good with numbers." What you actually mean is either you don't feel like being bothered with the task of understanding where your business is in terms of numbers, or it makes you feel uncomfortable when your accountant throws all sorts of numerical terms at you. 

Here's the good news: There is no need to be concerned with complicated formulas & crazy-sounding terms in order to get your business's finances in order. What you need to know is that understanding simple numbers can give you peace of mind, control and freedom.

"I'm a creative. My process is messy."
Translation: "I don't want to change my ways of handling things."

I get it. You build your business your own way, and you believe in it because it has worked so far. But unless you feel absolutely comfortable with the idea of continuously slaving yourself (and your staff) to get through each week with this same method you built a while back, it's time for an assessment. Chances are, a series of short term fixes you have made on the fly in the past years is now getting in your way of consistently generating the kind of growth you want in your business.

Imagine a monster with thousands of band-aids slapped on. How do you expect it to function?
All struggling businesses that I have witnessed have looked like this monster with at some point in time. I always suggest they peel the band-aids off quickly and with the right force because no one wants their band-aids taken off slowly over a long time period. That would be a slow, agonizing death. On the other hand, if you keep them on and keep going, that would be a slow, suffocating death. Either way, you can't expect your issues to by resolved by themselves.

 The first two years after launching a business can fly by. Your organic way of growing your business, customer base and staff may have served its purpose up to this point, but it is not going to be sustainable for the next three years for the reason mentioned above.

I don't promote making changes unless there is significant improvement that I can foresee. From my experience working with businesses, 95% of the time, changes are needed. That is the cold hard truth. 

"It freaks me out when I see things that are so orderly & organized."
Translation: "I don't believe in systems. Systems are not my friend."

Creativity cannot be forced. No need to tell me this; I am keenly aware. I am not here to force your creative process by putting it on a strict schedule. But I am here to boost performance of the "internal organs of your business."

So what in the world are the "internal organs of your business"?

"Internal organs of your business" consist of your business identity, financial structure, human capital management, logistics and legal structure. These functions do not need to look pretty or cutting-edge because you and your customers don't need to see them just like you don't see your heart, kidneys & stomach. What you want is for these to function 24/7, even while you are asleep.

Get it? Once again, they don't need your creative seal of approval to function. 

Instead, you want them to be healthy, robust and constantly working for your business even when you are not around so that you and your team can go crazy producing incredible new concepts and design that are going to blow everyone's mind. Also you get to focus on sales and marketing for these stunning ideas. (By the way, your core business, sales and marketing are your business's external figure i.e. hair, fit figure, makeup and outfit.) In order to make this happen, a good working system is required. It's mandatory.

So either you get over it and trust the system, or you carry on with the setup that is unreliable.
Your choice. 

"I don't have the time."
Translation: "This is not my priority."

This is not a guilt-trip or some gimmicky rhetoric.

I know you have time. I know you check your Facebook timeline. (If you must know, I do not.) Somehow, I also know that you go out, and you watch TV. If straightening up your business isn't your priority now, then there is not much more I can do to change your mind.

Actually, let me be more specific. I DO NOT want to try changing your mind at all because you will regret being forced into something you are not fully committed to. I could tell you something like, "Do you want to stay in the same position you are right now a year for now?" Sure. But that's not me. If you want something badly, then you will find a way to get it. You need to be in the right state of mind to do the work that's required. Why? Because all meaningful work is painfully hard. I don't attempt to even lie about this fact. It's HARD. But if you can envision a moment where you discover a breakthrough with the work you do, you know that you have the ability to stick with the process. The reward is priceless. If you can taste it, you are ready.

So when you are finally ready to commit to the real deep work that will generate true results, come back to this site. I will be with you for the entire process all the way through.


"Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof." -John Kenneth Galbraith