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Come & Take a Ride with Me!

10 Leads in 10 Weeks Challenge:
Sales 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs Who HATE Sales

Starts: Sept 11, 2017 | Ends: Nov 17, 2017


Gamifying is one of the most effective tools you can use when you want to make a new habit to stick, wouldn’t you agree? It is even better if you have a group of supporters to go through the same journey with you.

Here is the quick low down:

This is for:                            
Service based business operators who hate sales.

What’s in it for you?:           
Weekly challenge emails outlining exactly what I am doing That week so that you can do them with me! I promise it will be entertaining as well. Think about it, I am confident that I can totally pull this off with the system I created, but there is no guarantee, right? You will see in real time how this goes while you acquire tips along the way.

I plan to post my weekly progress via FB Live.

What’s the catch?:               
No catch. It’s FREE to follow the progress over 10 weeks. I would love it if you take a ride with me & get 10 new leads for yourself.

If you sign up to receive weekly challenge emails & you acquire 10 new leads (that you can show for) after the challenge, you can skip the waiting line & schedule a free strategy call with me to craft a plan for growing your business in 2018.                             

Simple Rules (yes, there are rules that I’m setting up for myself!):

1.    No leads acquired by paid ads will not be counted towards this particular challenge.

2.    No leads you already had pre-starting date (September 11, 2017) will not be counted towards this challenge.

3.    If you are the one signing up to join, you have to do all the work, not your VA and not your team.

4.    No cheap sales tactics allowed. (Translation: You are not allowed to use tactics that you do not want to be done to you.)


So, what are you waiting for?!
Email me by clicking the below button. 


(Please put the subject line: "1010")


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