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Free Online Training: Define + Refine Your Niche to Attract Ideal Customers

I will be hosting a free online training via BrightTalk to introduce a systematic approach to define & refine your niche to attract the right audience for your business so that you will waste no time dealing with unfit customers.

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You will walk away with:

How the niche diagram works and how to identify what the overlapping area entails. This concept can be used to assess your overall niche and/or a service/product specific niche.

We will cover:

- Why descriptions like "one-stop shop" or "all-in-one solution" is not good enough to cut through the noise in 2019

- What are the most common misconceptions & skepticism surrounding "niching-down" as a business strategy?

- How to use the Niche Diagram to find your true niche & cover every possible scenario outlined in the diagram (and why you need to hit the bull's eye."