Days of No Wins: How to Defy Your Emotional Gravity and Stay Productive.

[Fact] Every entrepreneur experiences "Days of No Wins" on a regular basis. In this post, I will share my 3 tips for making those days meaningful and reveal the reason why I don't look for small wins.

Seeds have been planted.  This is the point of no return.   Leading up to that point, you have mapped out your strategy, your intention was clear, you poured yourself into it, and you went for it. All in.

Now what?

Want to Get Noticed by a Room Full of People? Take Yourself Out of the Equation by Using “Class-Participation” Technique

Want to Get Noticed by a Room Full of People? Take Yourself Out of the Equation by Using “Class-Participation” Technique

A recent study shows that, for 78% of startups, professional networking plays an important role in getting traction and growing their businesses. (More here: http://bit.ly/2lBDXz2) Yet the fact that there are many books and online learning products on the subject of better networking techniques suggesting many entrepreneurs are facing challenges with networking.

The #1 complaint I hear from business owners about networking is they find most of the events they went to were disappointing as they felt those events false-advertised in terms of what organizers promised to deliver.  Also, they said comparing the amount of effort required to the level of results generated, they weren’t able to justify the effort.  

Stop Using This Word If You Want To Maximize Your Potential in the New Year

The word in question is everywhere and, of course, all over social media. The next 3 months is THE season for this word to pop up even in many ads. Can you guess what that is?

The word is: Goal(s).

“Have you set your goals for 2017?”
“Do you have goals for your business?”
“7 goal-setting tips for 2017”

Coupled with the, ‘resolution’, you will start seeing similar posts or polls like these very soon if not already in your social media timelines and feeds.

Goals are great. Knowing what you want to achieve personally and professionally is important. However, I feel that psychological impact of the word, goal(s), has been diminishing over time.  It almost feels lukewarm.